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Class Year: 1991
Residing In: Allentown, PA USA
Occupation: Library Assistant: Coplay Public Library
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David W. Griffith Jr (1986)

Lawrence W. Griffith (1995)

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My career has taken me in different directions since I graduated from William Allen. When I graduated from Allen, I put in my yearbook that I wanted to either be in the National Park Service, as a tour guide, or, join the United States Navy. However, seeing as these two objectives within the realm of possibilities that I could do, I decided, instead, to further my career as a political historian.

My first few years at Lehigh Carbon Community College was challenging, but, I enjoyed the courses that I was taking. The only problem was after two and a half years at LCCC, where could I go from here? I had ambitions to go to George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., and "maybe" gain an internship at some Congressional office. However, I could not afford the tuition. As I looked around I saw few possibilities of where I could go after community college, until, I saw, by happenstance, a college in Lancaster County, Millersville University.

Millersville, as it turns out, was a blessing in disguise, because, they accepted all my credits for transfer and I was well on my way of becoming a political historian. You, though, would think that this story deserves a happy ending. Well, after I graduated from Millersville, in December of 1996, I saw the market was dry as a lake for a political historian. I did work a few jobs, that were outside of history, but, I was still hopeful that one day, there would be a job for someone with my knowledge and skill in political history. Again, though, nothing came up.

Until, one day, when I was walking through the halls of Millersville's Student Memorial Center, I saw a job for their archives. Naturally, I applied, and got the job. My duties included to categorize and organize the records of a former Congressman from Lancaster, Robert S. Walker. I found the work engaging and fun, and this, I believed I wanted to further my career; not necessarily as a political historian, with full access to the records of history, but to preserve and make available these records of history. Which, in turn, took me to graduate school in Pittsburgh for me to become a librarian / archivist.

It was with this degree that I believed I would combine my knowledge of political history with library science. But, again, the prospects of getting into an archives, or a library was daunting. Until, after six months looking for work, I found a job in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. My job was to catalog the records of all the libraries in Lebanon County and then return the books in a reasonable amount of time. That was until Governor Rendell cut the budget for libraries, and I was out of a job.

Again the search began for me to get into some archives or library where I could preserve and share this knowledge with the public. But, again, the search was daunting and the roads appeared to lead me back to Allentown, where, I found a job at the Lehigh County Historical Society. Again, you would think this would lead to a happy ending. Well, in many ways, it did, and it did not. After working there for ten years, I decided I wanted to take my career in a different direction. What that direction is, I don't know yet, but, I have hopes that it will lead me into something dealing with political history, or the field of library science.

In closing, when you are in high school, it is strange how you think life should turn out, but, in reality, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you go in a different direction and sometimes that road that you though would be the road that you wouldn't go on, you did, and, in the end, it made all the difference in the world.

Colleges/Universities/Trade Schools Attended:

Lehigh Carbon Community College: (August 1991 - May 1994) Associate in Arts Degree.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania: Borough of Millersville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: (August 1994 - December 1996) Bachelor of Arts Degree in History / Political Science

University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (May 2000 - December 2001) Masters of Library and Information Science with a specialization in archives and preservation. Certified Librarian in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

School Story:

I, personally, have a lot of great memories of Allen High. I was involved in the NJROTC program and I remember the early morning drills to prepare for our annual inspection and, how, for three years I was a squad captain, I guess you could call it that, of 2nd Platoon. I remember taking attendance every morning and reporting to the Platoon commander, with a salute, either in or out of uniform. Besides this, I also made many friends in ROTC and had lunch with them, talked with them and all of us, no matter who we were, were all facing a unknown future ahead of us. Still, though, my time in NJROTC was great as was my time at Allen.

I remember some of my teachers. Mr. Hentis, who hated guidance counselors. I had him in the St. Cloud Building. Mr. Yani, my English teacher who was also the Baseball captain for Allen's Baseball team. Mrs. Heidrick who loved my work in 9th grade English, Mr. Fisher. Who could forget his lectures on American Foreign Policy, my favorite class by the way. Mr. Sabler, who taught government. Ms. Brita who taught me computers on an Apple MacIntosh. Mr. Dotterer, who taught Western Civilization. Chief Taylor, who loved Idaho and told us, once in a while in class that: "Pennsylvania Sucks!" He was from Idaho.

Yes, these were great years at Allen, and years of change. I remember the Iran Contra scandal and how students wore t-shirts that said: "Ollie North for President". The Berlin Wall coming down, Operation Desert Storm. Our infamous helicopter landing at J. Birney Crum Stadium my freshman year. The pep rallies, the school spirit as the hallways were decked out in yellow and blue and large canvases of paper that students painted on them saying such things as: "Go Allen, Beat Dieruff!" Yes, these were wonderful days to be at Allen High.

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Doug Griffith: Class of 1991

I'm so sorry for your loss.  May the memory and love, laughter and good times shared with Jeffery C. Bowen live in your hearts forever.  



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