High Notes 2019 Gala - New!

Dear William Allen / Allentown High School Alumni:

As the Allentown School District Foundation (ASDF) enters its 10th year, they are proud of the progress they achieved on behalf of Allentown's children.  As non-profits go, they are young, compared to the well-established non-profits in our region.  Their mission is to encourage, promote and support innovative educational experiences for students in the Allentown School District.

In 2017-2018 school year, ASDF was able to engage 8, 958 Allentown students in programs that without the Foundation's assistance simply would not happen.

To help achieve their vision - to enrich the lives of all Allentown students with innovative educational experience - they host their annual HIGH NOTES Gala at Allentown Symphony Hall. This year, the Gala is being held on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

This year's Gala theme, Allentown has Talent, summarizes the excitement they plan to deliver at this event.  The evening will start with a social hour in the new Lyric Room, followed by international cuisine, cluminating with a one hour production in Symphony Hall that features the six Allentown School District middle and secondary schools, presenting an entertaining show of student theatre, dance and musical talent.

Year after year, the HIGH NOTES Gala continues to provide financial support for these programs.  Once again, the tradition of sending the ASD student performers to New York City to see a Broadway show at the end of the school year is also planned.

Their hope is to inspire you to support Allentown School District students by sponsoring and attending HIGH NOTES on March 30, 2019;  We ask you to consider being a sponsor this year's event.  Please review the enclosed sheet to learn about sponsorship opportunities.  This is your chance every year to make a difference for Allentown's teachers and students who deserve our support.